Sailing 4 Disabled

Page Fragments

In providing a common look and feel accross multiple pages, a large amount of duplication occurred, to try and reduce this, a number of key page fragments have been extracted into text files that can be included by Server Side Includes.

Note that these fragments are text files rather than HTML, as they are not intended to be complete and valid independantly. As they do not contain functional links, you will need to use your back button

these files are intended to be used as a set; only using some of them may well break the DOM


Whilst I initially used the xbithack to get .html files parsed on my local server, external providers will often only parse .shtml files, so all internal links etc need to be checked for this. Also (on existing sites) an .htaccess file has been added to change the directory search sequence to find.shtml before .html, this allows a .html file to be left in place (in case it has been bookmarked) providing a re-direct, and suggesting bookmark update.

Attempts to display the fragments, using something like hr, pre, #include, /pre, hr failed miserable. Unsurprising really, as tags within a pre are always messy.