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S4D Rowing Pirates Gallery

Welcome to the Rowing Pirates gallery

Only a small sample of images is currently included, but we hope that these images give some idea of our activities.

We have recently upgraded our webspace, so this page will probably expand, or be split up into event based sub-galleries

Visit of the Chernobyl children, August 2014

Every year the Chernobyl Children's Project (Gloucester and Cheltenham) bring a group of Children from Belarus for recuperative holidays. They have visited us in the past, and again this year

red katakanu loaded upRed Katakanu off and running...
blue katakanu loaded upand the blue one ...
katakanu crunchOoops!
Wheelyboat in actionThe Wheelyboat was popular
Tinker problemsThe Tinker can be a handful
ITBikeThe ITBike is always popular

The Over canal festival, August 2014

We had most of our craft out during the festival.

The Herefordshire & Gloucestershire Canal Trust have a comprehensive gallery of the weekend

Gloucester Day

We took one of our Katakanus to Gloucester Day ...

The Pirates on Eastgate St

Exploratory trip to Stroud canal

Before taking the Wheelyboat down to Stroud Canal, we decided to take the Katakanu for a quick reccy.

Muddy Strachans CloseThere was insufficent water at Strachens close ...
EastingtonEastington was OK
In a LockWe even tried a big scary lock!

Stroud visit, with the Wheelyboat

coming soon

Icey start to 2015

Even 14mm of ice can't keep us off the water!