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Website Privacy Policy

This page aims to help you understand what information may be collected from this website, and how it may be used.

NO personal information about our users is collected, but a record of user preference settings may be retained

Collected information is only to provide a tailored user experience

NO collected information is shared with other parties.

A more detailed cookies policy is set out below.

Created October 2012, last modified Sunday, 17-Aug-2014 05:18:16 MST

Cookie Policy

What is a cookie

A cookie is a small amount of data sent to your device (computer, tablet or mobile) along with the requested web page. If allowed by your browser, this data is stored locally, and then returned when you visit other pages on this site. This allows the website to provide an enhanced user experience by finding out if you have visited before, remembering user preferences etc.

For more details, see

How do we use cookies

Currently this site is using cookies purely for educational purposes in order to better understand how their usage may allow enhancement of site functionality.

Cookies may be divided into four categories:

  1. Strictly Necessary:
    • sessionId: keeps a session alive between pages
  2. Performance: eg analysis of page/site usage
    • pageCount
    • arrivalTime:
    • previousArrivalTime
  3. Functional:
    • cookieState: controls all other cookies, and "we use cookies" banner
    • userPrefs: may contain user preferences
  4. Targeting (aka advertising):
    • We currently have none of these.

The above list is subject to change as the site evolves

Managing cookies

Your browser should have settings that allow you to be notified when websites try to set cookies, block/allow certain sites, refuse cookies altogether, and delete existing cookies.

To access these features, see the Help function of your browser for instructions, or visit which has information about how to do this for a variety of browsers.

Most of this site works perfectly without cookies, but some minor functionality will be lost if you disable cookies, eg you will be unable to set your preferred text size.